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Welcome to a more personal page from NRC Group. We share thoughts on various topics related to sustainability, infrastructure, recycling, energy, environment, innovation and much more. Our goal is to inspire you and start a conversation with you.

, by Ville Vainiomäki

Carbon roadmap

As of 2035, NRC Group Finland aims to be carbon neutral. The management group of NRC Group Finland approved a new carbon roadmap for 2035 in June.

, by Eline Dalland

CEO and Executive director of the UN Global Compact was impressed by a sustainable NRC project

At Tryvann, NRC Group Norge is building a water reservoir for Oslo municipality. Sanda Ojiambo from the UN Global Compact came to visit. 

, by Eline Dalland

NRC Group raises unskilled workers to vocational qualifications

NRC Group is strongly committed to providing unskilled workers with formal competence.

, by Jukka Viitanen

Jukka comments on the Sustainability report

- We have now released our third independent Sustainability report. I am so proud of the report for 2022, he says. 

, by Slava Ivanov

What is a digital twin?

What is a digital twin and how can it be used in construction?

, by Jukka Viitanen, Michael Hanf

The Circular Coffee Break

Podcast: The Circular Coffee Break

, by Petter Nordby


In October and November last year, the climate was in focus when UN members gathered during COP26 and COP27 to agree on a common course for handling the climate challenges we face. 

, by Jukka Viitanen

Infrastructure as driver of a sustainable society

Unexpected events during the past years have brought many of us re-consider the values of life.

, by Jukka Viitanen

Jukka talks about the huge potential for circular use of materials

The industry NRC Group operates within, is a heavy user of materials and energy; more than 40 % of natural resources are consumed and almost 40 % of global greenhouse gas emissions are generated in the building and construction industry.

, by Fanni Valkama

Fanni's master thesis on the environmental impact of rail materials

Fanni Valkama coworked with NRC on her master thesis. Hear her talk about her theses and what she found.