This is what we do

Our core competence

A total supplier of railway infrastructure

NRC Group is a total supplier, which means we deliver everything what is needed for any rail project. We have a wide range of competence and expertise to meet our clients’ needs. Our extensive experience fuelled with new talent, enable us to execute complex projects across the Nordics.

Infrastucture services

Ground work

Stable tracks require a steady ground and solid constructions. Due to the irregular ground of the Nordic landscape, this often mean quite an effort. The ground work includes, among others, excavations, transport, sorting of masses, ditching and preparation of water and drainage systems.

Concrete work

We take on large and small concrete works. As far as possible, we prefer utilising low-carbon concrete, and we always strive for optimising concrete volumes.

Signaling systems

The signaling system ensures safety, speed, and time management for trains on the move. If failure occurs, human or technical, the signaling system will notice and warn immediately.


No communication, no train service. The digital telecom systems are essential to ensure connection between crew and operators, control of technical facilities, as well as information to passengers. This is an attractive field for anyone interested in radio and transmission systems.


The future railways are 100% electric – no surprise this requires amounts of power. The solution is several generating stations along the lines, supplying the trains with electricity.

Catenary systems

The overhead contact line system consists of different components needed to ensure supply of power to the electric track operations. This includes wires, masts, switches and systems leading the return current.


We are the leading rail infrastructure company in the Nordics. We build and construct new tracks for cities to connect. We also maintain old tracks to secure safe transport for passengers and goods for decades.

Station terminal

Everything comes to an end, even railway lines. Have you ever wondered where trains spend the nights, where the cabins are cleaned and where the failures are fixed? Well-functioning terminal buildings are important for any railway service.


Need to demolish an old construction? Our subsidiary companyNRC Kept AS demolishes, dredges, sorts, cleanses and recycles. Always with the attention for safety of employees, partners and surroundings.

Mass transportation

Our subsidiary company Gunnar Knutsen AS is a total supplier of services within mass transport. The company takes on small and more complex transport projects, focusing on quality, efficiency, and sustainability. Several trucks are powered by biogas, which is important to accelerate the green shift in this industry.