Welcome to NRC Group’s whistleblowing channel


NRC Group has zero tolerance for corruption, abuse, bullying and harassment. Here you will find information on how to raise concern and report misconduct: behaviour that may be unethical, illegal, a waste of resources or that is in conflict with Groups regulations.

Reporting of concerns

NRC Group encourages everyone to report suspicions of unethical or illegal behaviour. Sanctions or reprisals against individuals who report such suspicions are not permitted.

It is important for us that illegal or unethical conditions are uncovered quickly. NRC Group has internal channels and routines for employees that report concerns. This channel is only for external stakeholders and suppliers.

We encourage that concerns are directed to the project where the concern is raised. If the issues are not resolved through dialogue, or it is difficult to address them directly, we recommend that our online whistleblowing channel below be used.

How to raise concerns to NRC Group

Send a written complaint to our legal counsel

Phone: + 47 90 40 70 97 ask to talk to the legal counsel in NRC Group.

Email: varsling[@]nrcgroup.no

Att: Legal counsel - CONFIDENTIAL
Postboks 18, 1324 Lysaker, Norway

It will help our inquiry if you provide the following information

  • What happened?
  • How did you find out about the misconduct?
  • Who is involved?
  • Where did it happen?
  • When did it happen?
  • Has it happened multiple times?
  • Were there witnesses present?

Please specify whether you have witnessed this information first hand, whether it is something you suspect or whether it is something you have heard from others.

Attach specific examples and documentation if available. Also feel free to provide contact information on any witnesses to the incident(s). Even if you do not have complete information, you should report any suspicion of misconduct.

Follow-up and handling of whistleblowing reports

All whistleblowing reports at NRC Group are taken seriously, will be kept confidential, and are not shared with more people than is absolutely necessary to deal with the matter This also applies when the report appears to concern minor irregularities. The choice of reporting method (oral, written, by e-mail or whistleblowing channel) will not impact how the whistleblowing report is handled.

When NRC Group has been notified of any irregularities, NRC Group has a duty to ensure that the reported irregularities are adequately investigated within a reasonable period of time. The scope of the investigations and who will be responsible for following up on the whistleblowing report, will depend on the nature of the report. The whistleblower will receive confirmation that the report has been received (only when non-anonymously reported)

If the allegations concern a person, NRC Group will as a general rule inform the relevant person(s) about the whistleblowing report. In this way, the person(s) concerned, will have the opportunity to provide his/her/hen’s version of the matter. When the matter has been fully processed, the whistleblower and the person(s) the allegations concern, will be informed of the outcome of the investigations.

What is misconduct?

Misconduct can mean violations of laws and regulations, guidelines or ethical and professional norms, including behaviour such as sexual abuse, discrimination and drug abuse; it also applies to conditions that are dangerous to life and health; and financial irregularities such as embezzlement, corruption and fraud.

Who can complain through this channel?

Anyone impacted by our work or the projects you are part of can report a misconduct, including:

  • External partners
  • SuppliersCitizens

When should you complain?

NRC Group has zero tolerance for financial irregularities, sexual harassment, exploitation and abuse. As soon as you have a reasonable suspicion of misconduct, it must be notified. If you are unsure whether to raise a concern, we recommend you to report it.

Report misconduct

We kindly ask you to fill in the fields to the best of your ability. Your data is confidential and you have the option to be anonymous.

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