We build for a sustainable future, in a sustainable way.

Long-term solutions

NRC Group delivers long-term, low-carbon infrastructure solutions. How we do it matters to us – and to our surroundings.

Reduction of GHG emissions


by 2025
Minimum recycling rate


per year

Our core goals

We are committed to meet the Paris agreement climate goals by reducing our emissions and achieving net zero by 2050. Our goal is to reduce our greenhouse gas emissions with minimum 30% within 2025. We have defined a recycling rate target of minimum 70% and we will continue to pursue our zero waste ambitions.

This is how we reach our targets

We continuously work to reduce emissions, recycle, and reuse materials. Many of our initiatives are as tangible as they are efficient. Like shifting our heavy vehicle fleet to biogas and implementing operational efficiency measures to reduce the idling time of machinery. Identifying our material topics is key to find the right measures. Among these are of course those directly linked to environmental impacts, but also social and ethical practices.

Health and safety of our employees is our priority number one. We will never succeed with our environmental targets without succeeding with our social ambitions and demands for ethical business practice.

We disclose our performance

By transparently disclosing our performance, we aim to credibly demonstrate our progress. On these pages you can learn more about our environmental, social and governance approach to sustainability and how we contribute to UN Sustainable Development Goals. Our annual sustainability report provide you with more in-depth understanding on what we do, how we do it and our performance so far.

By setting targets and transparently disclosing our performance, we aim to credibly demonstrate our progress on sustainability issues and build trust among our stakeholders.

Anders Gustafsson / CEO

How we contribute to UN Sustainable Development Goals


We build high quality, reliable and low-carbon transport infrastructure solutions that support equitable, accessible, and affordable public transport. We build resilient low-carbon transport infrastructure solutions. We have established a greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions baseline and defined reduction targets.

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All waste, hazardous substances and emissions related to our activity are handled in accordance with domestic regulations, our environmental policy and in line with our formal environmental management system. We have made substantial efforts to prevent, reduce, re-use and recycle waste materials.

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Environmental care

We build high quality, reliable and low-carbon transport infrastructure solutions. These projects support equitable, accessible and affordable public transport.

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Gender equality

We have implemented an active recruitment approach targeting women in all roles and in internship programmes to achieve gender equality and empower all women and girls.

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Economic growth

We have implemented a comprehensive health, safety and wellbeing program, covering all employees and contractors working at its operational sites to promote sustained, inclusive and sustainable economic growth.

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With comprehensive ethics policy and compliance program, focusing on transparency, anti-corruption, anti-bribery, fair competition and supply chain integrity, employees are trained in to ensure a safe and responsible operation. Routines and systems for whistleblowing are established in accordance with the Norwegian Working Environment Act. In Norway, the company is certified with ISO 37001, the internationally recognized ISO standard for anti-bribery management systems.

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We construct for sustainable future

Our sustainability strategy is brought to life through our operations and the way we work every day. This is how we do it.

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Head of Sustainability