Carbon roadmap

We have set a carbon neutrality target for our own emissions in 2035, according to the carbon roadmap.

, by Ville Vainiomäki

Taking on the challenge

We are witnessing a rapid change in the world as a result of climate change. Considering that our business is to construct infrastructure for sustainable transportation, we are already on the right track. However, we are also striving to build it in a more sustainable manner. In accordance with the Finnish governmental plan, we intend to achieve carbon neutrality by the year 2035.

Carbon roadmap: what is it?

The carbon roadmap outlines our plans to achieve carbon neutrality in scopes 1 and 2 by the year 2035, taking into account the indirect emissions in Scope 3, too. Energy sources, management, procurement, planning, and circular economy are all considered in this plan. To achieve this goal, we will use some proven methods, such as biofuels and energy efficiency development. We will also explore and test new technologies such as low carbon steel and concrete in addition to the proven methods. Climate-friendly technologies are advancing rapidly. Since we do not yet know what solutions will be available in the coming years, we must be flexible so that we can adopt new technologies as they become available. We plan to conduct annual carbon budgeting in order to determine which actions are most effective in moving us toward our goal.

The roadmap planning process began approximately a year ago. During many discussions with loved ones and colleagues, a seed for this plan was sown. As we presented the issue to our management group, I was very pleased to see the level of ambition displayed by our management. With the target set and the plans in place, it is time to take serious action on climate change.

Ville Vainiomäki, Environmental Manager NRC Group Finland

Success strategies

The key to succeeding in climate work is integrating it with our everyday management work and communicating the target and plans to our personnel, so that everyone takes responsibility for the topic. The customers require action from us, solutions are ready, and we share a common goal and are committed to achieving it. We have all of the ingredients for success with long-term, determined work.