What is a digital twin?

Digital twins are used in construction projects to create replicas of real spaces. It’s a digital copy of a 3D construction that includes all the data and metadata about the construction and allow construction teams to interact virtually with the physical property during the planning stages. It bridges the gap between form and function and meets the demands that today’s society have to create functional and dynamic constructions.

, by Slava Ivanov

Digital twins in construction

A digital twin of a construction increases efficiency during the construction phase, reduces the footprint due to increased accuracy and efficiency, and as all the data is gathered in one place it promotes effective material use and reduces maintenance cost.

In this short video you will meet Slava Ivanov who works as a Quality Assurance and BIM Engineer for NRC Group Finland:

- During the construction stage it helps you to visualize the construction progress for better planning and site management. Model based maintenance and Operation will reduce your labour costs, climate impact and the obsolescence risk, he says.

Watch the video to see how it works.