Video series: ESG with NRC Group and Bane NOR

In these films we will talk about how work with and implement ESG in our joint construction projects.

, by Charlotte Krog

ESG Introduction film

Meet project manager Emilie Enger Aas from Bane NOR and Head of Rail division Martin Inge Olsen in NRC Group Norway.

In this short intro film you will learn what ESG stands for and why it is important.


This video is from Nykirke - Barkåker (the Vestfold Line), where we're building a new double track.

Decisions made early in a project can have the greatest impact on reducing emissions. Learn how we work together on sustainable topics and how we plan and execute our projects with Bane NOR.


In this video we discuss health, safety and the importance of working toward an injury-free working day.

Emilie (Bane NOR) and Martin (NRC Group) are putting on safety equipment while explaining how the safety measures work and why its s important with a good safety culture. They also discuss the importance of analyses and reporting.


Governance is the “G” in ESG.

In order to achieve our goal of reducing net emissions by 55% by 2030, much more needs to be done.

Listen to Martin Olsen, Head of Rail Division in NRC Group Norge and Project Manager in Bane NOR, Emilie Enger Aas's thoughts on environmental requirements, climate targets, and using BREEAM infrastructure to plan projects.

Strict requirements combined with tools like BREEAM infrastructure can make projects more environmentally friendly, reduce greenhouse gas emissions, and help society achieve its climate goals.