Rehabilitation of Nittedal railway station

Comprehensive upgrading to increase the capacity on Gjøvikbanen.

What we build

The project includes a wide range of work tasks. The old footbridge has been demolished and a new one is built, including lift and stairs. Two new platforms that are 220 meters long are being built. In the direction of Oslo, the track at the station will be extended from 340 to 640 meters. A new track and new switches will be constructed. The overhead contact line system will be upgraded, with new masts and cables. Low-voltage and telecommunications systems are being upgraded in accordance with the new system.

Project details
Period December 2020 – August 2022
LocationNittedal, Norway
ClientBane NOR


Contract value


New tracks

How society will benefit from this project

This project is part of a major improvement of the Gjøvik line which will increase the capacity for transportation of both freight and passengers. The entire station area has a universal design. This means that it is designed for all types of users, including blind and wheelchair users. Noise screens has been set up against the buildings along the track. The parking spaces on both the north and south side of the station have been expanded. Bicycle parking has been set up, including possibility to lock the bicycle (cycling hotel).

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