Electrification of Trønder- and Meråkerbanen

Unique cross-border collaboration for electrification of 120 kilometers of railway.

What we build

We provide a complete service range ensuring the electrification of the railway connection between Trondheim and Stjørdal, Stavne and Leangerbanen, Hell and Storlien. This is the first time since 1970 that an extended stretch of railway in Norway will be electrified. The project benefits from both Norwegian and Swedish expertise in a unique internal collaboration.

Project details
PeriodOctober 2021 – November 2024
LocationTrøndelag, Norway
ClientBane NOR


Contract value


Electrification of railways
Reduction of CO2


Thanks to smart use of concrete

Our sustainability approach

We utilise the methodology of CEEQUAL, a recognized sustainability assessment tool. We strive to optimize concrete volumes and utilise low-carbon concrete. This effort leads to 39% estimated reduction of CO2 emissions. We use electrical cars to transport personnel and smaller equipment. We also work on other initiatives with Bane NOR to reduce our footprint significantly.

How society will benefit from this project

The project will increase railway transport volumes and give more quiet and faster journeys for both passengers and goods.