Learn more about how we do it

The future needs to be on tracks. We deliver the infrastructure. And what does it take - to create sustainable transport infrastructure for the future?

Deep understanding

Our extensive experience fueled with new talent, enable us to execute complex projects across the Nordics. How we execute them, matters to us. Being entrepreneurial at our core, is key for our commitment to succeed with our sustainable strategy.

Complex planning

A good start is crucial for any successful project. Up to 100 resources with engineers, advisors, field experts and environmental specialists can be involved at the same time, planning how to solve client’s needs, and to go the extra mile to find new sustainable solutions.

Broad expertise

Building rail infrastructure requires a huge range of competence and experience. Being a total supplier sets us apart from our competitors, and also makes our daily work more rewarding. Skills and capacity cross-borders, in many disciplines from many different backgrounds, enable us to grow as a company.

Machinery in full symphony

When a project is won and the planning is done, the big party begins. Read more about the fields of expertise in our projects.

We care

We want our projects to make a positive impact on people and the society around. We assure you - if we must close lines or roads for a short period of time, we’re working days and nights to build something you’ll enjoy in the near future.

We do it all

Building and maintaining railways is our core business. We also construct bridges and upgrade quays. Our biogas trucks transport millions of tons of masses each year. While our ground work experts support large rail projects, we also make sure to serve smaller local needs. It’s no surprise we are continuously searching for people aspiring for more, to work for us.

The end is the beginning

When we leave the construction sites, the projects finally start to live for the local society. In the end, our sustainable and effective transport solutions make peoples’ everyday life a bit easier. That is rewarding. It feels good.