Aug 07, 2015

NRC Group ASA - Recommendation by the nomination committee

Reference is made to the notice of an extraordinary general meeting of NRC Group ASA (OSE: NRC) on Monday 10 August 2015, as published on 20 July 2015. In the notice, it was informed that a proposal for changes to the composition of the board which shall reflect the new shareholder structure would be announced in advance of the general meeting, cf. the notice's agenda item 8. The nomination committee has received proposals for changes to the board from the company's largest shareholders and bases its recommendation on this proposal. Against this background, the nomination committee proposes that Harald Arnet (CEO of Datum AS) is elected as a new board member, that current board member Kristian Lundkvist is elected as the new chairman of the board, and that the current chairman of the board, Trygve Bruland, exits the board.

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