Mar 19, 2018

Grant of share options

With reference to the announcement by NRC Group ASA ("NRC Group" or the "Company") on 3 May 2017 in connection with the Company's implementation of a senior management share option program, the Board of Directors in NRC Group has on 19 April 2018 granted a total of 400,000 share options.

Primary insiders in the Company have been granted the following share options:

  • Øivind Horpestad, CEO of NRC Group, 100,000 share options
  • Dag Fladby, CFO of NRC Group, 75,000 share options
  • Daniel Pettersson, CEO of NRC Sverige, 75,000 share options

The share options are granted based on the Company's achievement of certain quantitative goals for 2017 determined by the Board of Directors. The share options have a strike price of NOK 55 and can be exercised with 1/3 from grant date, 1/3 after 12 months and the remaining 1/3 after 24 months. All options expire after 36 months.

Following the grant, the primary insiders holds the following shares and options:

  • Øivind Horpestad holds 1,328,008 shares and 100,000 share options. In addition, Horpestad has the right to acquire 500,000 shares from DNB Bank ASA under a term contract with DNB Bank ASA.
  • Dag Fladby holds 20,581 shares and 92,448 share options
  • Daniel Pettersson holds 540,869 shares and 75,000 share options

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