Green finance

Green finance framework

NRC Group has established a green financing framework, as part of the commitment to develop and supply services to build sustainable transport solutions.

The framework has been developed to align with the 2021 ICMA Green Bond Principles (including the updated Appendix I from June 2022) and the 2023 LMA, LSTA, APLMA Green Loan Principles.

The Framework sets out the criteria for investments that can be financed or refinanced with green bonds, green loans other green debt instruments, and will be applied to NRC Group’s investments that promote clean transportation projects. It covers investment and operating expenses related to infrastructure for rail transport, infrastructure enabling low carbon public transport, as well as investments in renewable biogas fuels and electrification of light and heavy vehicles and construction machines.

S&P Global Ratings (formerly part of CICERO Shades of green) has conducted an independent external assessment of the framework and has given it their highest rating, dark green, with a governance score of 'Good'.

Danske Bank acted as green structuring advisor in the development of the framework.

Green finance framework 2023
Second Opinion S&P Global Ratings